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Corporate Retreats

Board Leadership

Boards of directors can be a blessing or a curse to a company, depending on how well they are managed. The following guidelines will help you manage board relations effectively. 1. Establish clear lines of communication. Make sure that all directors have access to...

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Executive Retreats

Photo by Mike from Pexels Succession Planning A company's most important assets are its employees. To be sure, a company's products and its marketing acumen are also critical, but the most important factor in the success or failure of a company is the people who make it run.  As a...

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Study Visit

The benefits of a corporate study visit

The benefits of a corporate study visit. Studying abroad is all about experiencing new cultures and learning about different ways of life. But what about the corporate study visit? A corporate study visit is a great alternative to studying abroad for companies who want to send their employees overseas to explore the culture and the country. Here are some tips to help you plan your next corporate study visit: -Research potential study destinations and decide on a budget for the trip. -Start by thinking about the goals and objectives...

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